Wind Shares

Monday, April 02, 2012


Gotham City. Night. A group of crooks are attempting to break into a warehouse when Batman interrupts them.

Crook #1: Oh shit it’s Batman

Crook #2: I ain’t scared of him
Crook #2: Just some freak in a costume

The crook fires at Batman, but the bullets just bounce off his chest. Batman squeezes the barrel of the gun shut with his bare hands, then tosses the crook thousands of feet in the air, but flies up and catches him before he falls.


Crook #2: y—yes

Cut to: Batman landing in the alley behind the building, where he meets…BRUCE WAYNE. Batman takes off his mask to reveal: CLARK KENT. The two high-five and share a laugh.


Green Lantern, his hair somewhat darker than normal, is doing battle with some criminals. One of them approaches him, carrying a strange yellow machine.

Crook: Green Lantern! I’ve heard your power ring has no effect on anything colored yellow! So prepare to be destroyed…by my YELLOW DEATH RAY!

Green Lantern: No that’s crap
Green Lantern: What kind of lame ass hero could lose to a primary color

Green Lantern crushes the machine.

Green Lantern: In fact I don’t even need this stupid ring

He takes off his ring and bounces it off the crook’s forehead.

Crook: Ow!

Green Lantern flies away, carrying the crooks off to jail.

Back at Justice League Headquarters, Hal Jordan sits with his feet up drinking hot cocoa and reading Reader’s Digest. Batman and Superman pass by, smirking. Superman is holding a green domino mask behind his back.

Superman: *snicker* Hey, Hal *snicker*

Batman: *snicker* Yeah, hey *snicker*

Hal: (confused) Um…hi guys…


Clark Kent, wearing Wonder Woman’s bustier and star-spangled panties, is beating up some crooks. Bruce Wayne watches with amusement.

Clark: Ooh, look at me, I’m Wonder Woman…I’m soooo sexy
Clark: My boobs are a victory for feminism

The real Wonder Woman suddenly arrives on the scene.


Bruce: RUN

Bruce and Clark bolt from the scene, laughing hysterically.


A meeting of criminals is interrupted by “Green Arrow,” carrying a quiver of arrows.

Crook #1: Whoa it’s GREEN ARROW

Crook #2: Is he still a thing

Green Arrow: I spend all day grooming my beard

Crook #1: Aren’t you supposed to have a bow or something

Green Arrow: Don’t need it

Green Arrow pulls an arrow from his quiver and throws it so hard it goes all the way through the crook’s shoulder.

Crook #1: Not cool man


A woman leans out of the third-story window of her house, which is consumed in flames.

Woman: HELP

The “Flash” sprints into her front yard.

Flash: Is this a problem being fast would solve

Woman: Um
Woman: Not really

Flash: Oh
Flash: You should probably call somebody else then
Flash: maybe Superman
Flash: I hear he is good at stuff like this


A giddy Batman holds up Aquaman’s costume for Superman, but Superman waves him off.

Superman: No
Superman: Too easy


Batman sits on a couch at Justice League Headquarters, reading Maxim. Wonder Woman approaches him.

Wonder Woman: Don’t you have anything better to do than egg on that jackass?
Wonder Woman: Like solving crimes for instance

Batman: (not looking up) I have solved all the crimes
Batman: I am the world’s greatest detective

Wonder Woman: You couldn’t have solved ALL of—

Batman: All the crimes
Batman: Most of them were the Joker


Superman arrives at the prison cell of a bald inmate.

Superman: What up Lex

Luthor: Why have you come here? Just to taunt me?

Superman: Yup
Superman: This place sucks
Superman: YOU suck

Luthor: They are getting rid of Taco Tuesdays
Luthor: Budget cuts