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Wednesday, March 24, 2010

24 - Season Nine

A CTU analyst hauls one of his fellow agents in front of the unit’s director.

Analyst: Director Jennings, I just discovered that Susan here is a mole! She’s been helping the terrorists release radioactive chimps in the heart of downtown Chicago.

Director: Well, it seems odd that I didn’t know about this before, seeing how I am also a mole.

Analyst: Well, now that you mention it, I’m a mole too.

CTU Agent #2: So am I.

CTU Agent #3: Me too.

Water Delivery Guy: I just deliver the water, and even I'm a mole.

CTU Agent #4: I wasn’t a mole until this morning, but I thought it would be easier just to go along with the crowd.

Director: Is there anyone here who isn’t a mole?

All the CTU agents look back and forth between each other. Nobody raises their hand.

Director: Huh. Well, I guess there’s no point continuing this charade anymore. This is officially a terrorist organization. Everybody get back to work on making sure those chimps get to where they need to be.

All the agents return to their stations. Susan surreptitiously pulls out a cell phone and makes a call.

Susan: Madame President? I’ve successfully infiltrated the terrorist cell. I’ll be able to disrupt their operation from the inside.


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